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Saturn's Trojan Moon Telesto
Saturn XIII


Telesto [tah-LESS-toh] and Calypso [ka-LIP-so] are called the Tethys Trojans because they circle Saturn in the same orbit as Tethys, about 60 degrees ahead of and behind that body. Telesto is the leading Trojan and Calypso is the trailing Trojan. Both were found in 1981 by B. Smith through ground-based observations made in 1980. Telesto is 34 by 28 by 26 kilometers (21 by 17 by 16 miles).

Telesto Statistics
 Discovered byB. Smith & others 
 Date of discovery1980 
 Mass (kg)
 Radius (km)17x14x13 
 Radius (Earth = 1)2.6654e-03 
 Mean density (gm/cm^3)
 Mean distance from Saturn (km)294,660 
 Rotational period (days)
 Orbital period (days)1.8878 
 Mean orbital velocity (km/sec)11.36 
 Orbital eccentricity0.00 
 Orbital inclination (degrees)0.0 
 Visual geometric albedo0.5 
 Magnitude (Vo)18.7 


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