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Neptune V - 1989N3

Despina, only 27,700 kilometers (17,200 miles) from Neptune's clouds, orbits every 8 hours. Its diameter is about 150 kilometers (90 miles). It is irregularly shaped and shows no sign of any geological modification. Despina circles the planet in the same direction as Neptune rotates, and remains close to Neptune's equatorial plane.

Despina Statistics
 Discovered byVoyager 2 
 Date of discovery1989 
 Mass (kg)
 Equatorial radius (km)74 
 Equatorial radius (Earth = 1)1.1602e-02 
 Mean density (gm/cm^3)
 Mean distance from Neptune (km)52,500 
 Rotational period (days)
 Orbital period (days)0.334655 
 Mean orbital velocity (km/sec)11.41 
 Orbital eccentricity0.0001 
 Orbital inclination (degrees)0.07 
 Visual geometric albedo0.06 
 Magnitude (Vo)22.6 

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