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On Mars: Exploration of the Red Planet. 1958-1978

1. Unless otherwise noted, this section is based on James F. McNulty, "The Defining of Mars Project Viking," unpublished typescript [ca. 1976], pp. 27 ff.
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4. McNulty, "Defining Project Viking," pp. 44-47, describes the details of the statement of work.
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7. Parachute deployments at high speeds were tested using test vehicles launched by balloons and Honest John-Nike rockets. The full-scale tests lifted a 4.6-meter simulated entry body to about 40 000 meters, the point at which Earth's atmosphere approached the 10-millibar pressure of Mars. At that altitude, the shell would be released. Twelve small rockets would accelerate it to mach 1.2. The 26-meter test chute would then be deployed and, with an instrument package, would subsequently be separated from the shell. John C. McFall of Langley was NASA project manager for the Planetary Entry Parachute Project. The balloons were launched by the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory at the balloon launch facility, Holloman Air Force Base, N. Mex., and Walker Air Force Base, N. Mex. The balloons were fabricated by G. T. Schjeldahl Co., Northfield, Minn. Overall cost of the project was far below that projected for similar tests using the Little Joe II rocket. Honest John-Nikes were launched at the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. Consult the following documents: H. Lee Dickinson to Richard T. Mittauer, "AFCRL to Launch Largest High Altitude Balloon Made for NASA's Voyager Program," 14 Apr. 1966; NASA, "NASA to Explore Use of Parachutes for Mars Landing," news release 66-90, 27 Apr. 1966; "Launch of Huge Balloon Delayed," Washington Evening Star, 22 June 1966; Walter Sullivan, "Giant Balloon Is Lofted in Test for Mars Landing," New York Times. 19 July 1966; NASA, "Martin to Build Planetary Entry Parachute Units," news release 66-229, 25 Aug. 1966; NASA, "First Planetary Parachute Test Planned Aug. 29," news release 66-225, 26 Aug. 1966; NASA, "Parachute Test in New Mexico Complete Success," news release 66-241, Sept. 1966; NASA Off. of Advanced Research and Technology (OART), "Post-Launch Preliminary Report for Small Flight Project,ŠPlanetary Entry Parachutes,'' 7 Sept., 18 Nov., and 21 Nov. 1966; "Chuting for Mars," Newsweek 68 (12 Sept. 1966): 59; NASA, "Parachute Entry Experiment Fails in WSMR Launch [rocket flight] news release 66-292, 10 Nov. 1966; NASA, "Soft-Lander Parachute Test a Success.'' News release 67-120, 10 May 1967; NASA, "Parachute Tests Reach Halfway Point," news release 67-162, 20 June 1967; NASA, "Large Balloon to Launch NASA Parachute Test," news release 67-170, 6 July 1967; and "Voyager Parachute Test Completed at White Sands," Space Business Daily, 23 Oct. 1967.
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