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Jupiter VII


Elara [EE-lar-uh] is the twelfth known satellite of Jupiter. Elara and Zeus were the parents of Tityus the giant. Very little is known about Elara.

Elara Statistics
 Discovered byC. Perrine 
 Date of discovery1905 
 Mass (kg)7.77e+17 
 Mass (Earth = 1)1.3002e-07 
 Equatorial radius (km)38 
 Equatorial radius (Earth = 1)5.9580e-03 
 Mean density (gm/cm^3)3.3 
 Mean distance from Jupiter (km)11,737,000 
 Rotational period (days)0.5 
 Orbital period (days)259.6528 
 Mean orbital velocity (km/sec)3.29 
 Orbital eccentricity0.2072 
 Orbital inclination (degrees)24.77 
 Escape velocity (km/sec)0.0522 
 Visual geometric albedo0.03 
 Magnitude (Vo)16.77 


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