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Jupiter IX

Sinope [sah-NOH-pee] is the outermost known satellite of Jupiter. Very little is known about Sinope.

Sinope Statistics
Discovered byS. Nicholson
Date of discovery1914
Mass (kg)7.77e+16
Mass (Earth = 1)1.3002e-08
Equatorial radius (km)18
Equatorial radius (Earth = 1)2.8222e-03
Mean density (gm/cm^3)3.1
Mean distance from Jupiter (km)23,700,000
Rotational period (days)?
Orbital period (days)-758
Mean orbital velocity (km/sec)-2.27
Orbital eccentricity0.275
Orbital inclination (degrees)153
Escape velocity (km/sec)0.0240
Visual geometric albedo?
Magnitude (Vo)18.3

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