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Views of the Solar System Photo Archives

Many of the photos on Views of the Solar System are copyrighted by Calvin J. Hamilton. Permission needs to be obtained before using them in commercial publications. You can use the following e-mail address to request use of these images. Please note that some of the images are public domain/copyright free and you do not need my permission to use these images. It is your responsibility to make sure you know which are public domain and which are copyrighted. The caption pages indicate the copyright status. An example of a copyrighted image is The Interior of Saturn.

Teachers and students are allowed to use the images under the guidelines outlined on the copyright page.

Notice To Students: You have my permission to use my pictures in your school papers and projects as long as you give credit.

Due to spam we occasionally change e-mail addresses. You can aways come to this page for Views of the Solar System Contact information. This is the current contact address:


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